Tessa Welch


I have always had a keen interest in sewing since my mother bought me my first sewing machine when I was a little girl, and throughout my education I was always sewing, knitting, etc.


After successfully Qualifying in Fashion design, Pattern Drafting and manufacturing I spent several years working in these fields for various companies — high volume garment manufacture, haberdashery retail and several bridal businesses. This experience has given me a greater understanding of manufacturing techniques which I now bring to Pollyanna’s and which enables me to alter your gown to make it unique and individual, giving you Style, Sophistication, Elegance and Grace


2014 I celebrated 30 years in the Bridal industry and now I am seeing second generations of Brides coming to Pollyanna's to choose their dresses with their Mothers, who we originally fitted out years ago. Its lovely to reflect on the years since then and reminisce